.:::RaMbLiNgS oF InSaNiTy:::.
2001-09-21 02:35:55 (UTC)

This Can't Be Right...

I think that I am going to go insane. What is happening to
me? I haven't felt this way in a long time. I have
forgotten what it's like to like a guy in the midst of this
chaos. So here I stand... and there stands Mike. Mike King.
*Sigh*. Why the hell do I like him? I'm really beginning to
crush on him big time. He called me beautiful. Am I really
beautiful? Does he really think so? I've been called that
before. But it sounds so different coming from his mouth.
Maybe he's just one of those people. Jeff can't stand
him... but oh my god. I like him more every time that I see
him. I need some of this. I need some of that. I need to be
close to him. I need to smell his cologne. I need to feel
him, taste him. I need to know how he kisses. I miss him.
Why do I miss him? I never miss anybody. Never. But why
now? Why is it he that makes me feel so---human?
I think that I am going to go crazy. I know that he likes
me back. He's told me... but what is up with this? I am a
sophmore in highschool. He is a freshman. He is 14 years
old. I am going to turn 16 next month. This can't be right.
This can't be right. I can't be wrong. I'm so alone.
I'm so alone. I'm so alone.
I need to be held.
I need him to hold me.
I miss his eyes.