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2003-02-05 20:50:23 (UTC)

Feb. 5, 2003

Today is Feb. the 5th of the year 2000 and 3, as if you
didnt know that. But today also started out as a good day
but gets worse as the prolongs. Anywayz im not gonna
complain today. it seems like all i ever do in this thing
is complain and i dont want to just think about the bad
things in life. i mean there are a lot of good things in
life too. For instance, yesterday was katie and christy's
17th birthday, and we got to go to the singing. I made them
a choc. cake but christy didnt show up too the singing so
it was pretty much just katie's cake. it was good if i say
so myself. :-P And i got to pick out all my campaign gear
yesterday for my State Officer running. It's gonna be so
intirely awesome. I really want to get this office but the
only bad thing would be i might not get to go camp the
whole time.
U know what? i need to paint my fingernails. i havent
done that in a long time. Arent girls supposed to have
pretty nails and alladat junk? i mean i dont even remember
the last time that i really cared about my nails or that
kind of stuff. Maybe that will help me to have a better ego
or sumthing. i dont know, now im just rambling on and on
and non and non. did ya notice that it went from on to non?
HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. that took a long time to capatilize the
H and not the a. believe it or not it did!! ok im gonna go
not so ill talk to yall laterz gaterz.