Finding my Light
2001-09-21 02:30:42 (UTC)

A Jewel For Me

I am so-o happy! I just ordered today my class ring!
Oh I love it. I got a fire blue spinel in the middle in
sunburst cut. In the inside I have my full name and nick
name. It also says my year and has a diamond on each
side! Also what's even better is that it's real gold! I
hate to say this but I will only where real gold or real
silver, maybe. I know that sounds snobbish, but my skin
won't allow anything else.
Oh also another great thing happened this week. A few
days ago my mom enrolled me into a fitness center. I know
I'll like it there. When I went with her I saw my friend's
boyfriend who works there and two teachers from my school.
I know most people my age don't like see there teachers
outside of school, but I don't mind.
One of them named Mr. Davis is like my buddy. He was
my teacher last year. I loved having him as a teacher. I
have to admit I have a little bit of a cruch on him. He's
actually very young for a teacher. He's twenty-four.
Well saturday I go to the fitness club with my best
buddy, Lindsay, and after that we're going to go to the
mall. I know this weekend will be fun.