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2001-02-21 20:22:20 (UTC)

This is about my friend Jeff...

This is about my friend Jeff. He doesn't know how I feel about him.
I think it's best that way. I'm not a good writer, and my poetry
sucks. Just thought I'd warn you...

I know I'm not a saint
every life I touch, I taint
I used to think I was good
but I guess I never understood
the evil inside me burned brightly
no one knew/I kept it in that tightly

but with you, it's not the same
when you're near, I have no shame
I never feel the need to lie
I never feel afraid to cry

this used to be just a crush
just a glance from you made me blush
but now it's a different feeling
and oh my god, it's so appealing ;)