My Life Story
2001-09-21 02:22:07 (UTC)

I hate my computer!!!

Well, I just wrote out this big long entry telling
everything about my day, but then my danm computer decided
to screw up and I lost the whole thing. I hate that!! Well,
since I really don't feel like typing that all out again
I'm just gonna give you the very abbreviated version of it
all. Well, this girl went crazy in choir today. She was
yelling, threw her chair, ripped her music, and hit a
teacher before they could finally calm her down. After
class I talked to T and asked him if he wanted to go out
tomorrow (Friday) night. He said yes, but that he'd have to
talk to him mom about it first. I really really really hope
something works out!! :) The rest of my day went as
normal. I had sectionals after school. After those I had
just enough time to go home, eat dinner, and go to float
building. Our theme this year is awesome! We're definitely
gonna win!! Right when we first got there we were unloading
some wood paneling off a truck and when we picked it up or
something it scratched my neck. I didn't think anything of
it but then people started asking about it. They were all
asking what had happened and if I was ok and then someone
told me that I was bleeding. I started freaking out so I
went to the bathroom to look at it. Sure enough, I have
this huge cut across my neck. It's really red, and very
noticeable so it looks really bad. Plus it still really
hurts like crazy. I doubt that it's gonna be gone before
homecoming next weekend, and that's what makes me the most
mad. Oh well, I guess there's nothing I can do about it. My
dad's doing fine. He's not in the hospital. He's still
kinda sick, but he's getting better. Well, I'm gonna go.

~Daria :)