of little importance
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2003-02-05 20:23:59 (UTC)

it's like the expiration date on milk

yesterday i studied religion while listening to papa
roach. now, you might say that doesn't make any sense.
and i would have to say...
i agree.

the only safe generalization we can make about man is this:
he came
he suffered
he died.
a little depressing i must say...

the study of the past often leads to love of the past and a
desire to keep it. that's a bad thing, just so you know.
if you want to keep the past then you'll never make your
own past. when walking in the footprints of others, make
sure to leave your own.

it seems that the rules that philosophers lay down do not
apply to the philosophers themselves. now there's a
philosophy for you.

"that's just a guidline. it's like the expiration date on
milk. it says that's the limit, but you can still drink it
a few days later and it won't hurt you."