Traded your worth for these scars...
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2001-09-21 02:14:35 (UTC)

New shoes....

Ahhh.. nothing like the smell of fresh new tennis shoes. I
love it.

A trip to the mall with the fam.. what could be better? A
lot actually.

Ehh.. it wasn't too bad I suppose. Today went by pretty
quickly. I got home from work about a quarter til 4 and
went to sleep. Then, my mom wakes me up at 5:30 and tells
me that they're going to the mall. I was soo tired. But, I
had some stuff to exchange so I got up and went.

I love getting new clothes. My mom told me tonight that she
wasn't going to cash the check (for $100) that I wrote her
until after my next pay day so... I got a couple more
shirts. haha:)

Tomorrow.. I'm gonna take a trip down memory lane. The
halls of good 'ol Rock Hill High. Yep. I told Becky I'd
come and visit her while she's in my mom's class tomorrow.
I don't wanna feel like a big dork going back to high
school to "visit" but.. I mean.. it is my mom's class, so..
it's cool to go.. I guess. Oh well, who cares. I'm going
for Becky.. and Becky only so... :-p everyone else.