Thoughts and Feelings
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2003-02-05 19:55:11 (UTC)

the trust is gone

So I was talking to Geoff last night and we were talking
(i.e. fighting) and he decided to blurt out that he had
slept with other women while we were dating--fucking
asshole. Why did he have to tell me that? Doesn't he
realize that now its going to take even longer before I
trust a guy again? Blah stupid men. I mean I guess I'm
over Geoff, I mean I am, but I also look back on what could
have been with us and am sad. And this doesn't help any--I
mean why did he get back togather with me if he planned on
sleeping with other women? God I hate myself for how much
this is tearing me up. He was the man I was supposed to
marry, my first and only love, he supposedly he loved me
but was sleeping around? God I just don't get it--I don't
even know what to say anymore.