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2001-09-21 02:08:17 (UTC)

I used to be a superhero...

"downtown, lights always shining on me..."
mallory started freaking out at me because I signed on
and accidentally kicked her off, and she was downloading a
song. She burst into tears right on the spot and started
screaming. She's really turning out to be a little whiny
bitch, just like her big sister. It amazes me, the kid
lived through having steel rods put into her spine when she
was eight and corrective dental surugery when she was nine
and she didn't shed a tear. But God forbid her computer
signs her off. My mom came in and asked me what my schedule
was like each week. I rattled off my fourteen hours of
school and thirty hours of work. She wanted me to spend
some time each day tutoring mallory with her homework, so
when I was done telling her all about how packed my
schedule is, she got all snotty and said, "Fine, I'll just
have to quit my job to make sure she gets her stuff done."
She bitches at me all summer for not having a job, and now
that I do, she's bitching anyway. I can't wait for Casey
and Alyssa to come home this weekend. I can't wait to take
off for Brien's birthday. We're all suposed to go camping
and get wasted all weekend, but those plans will probably
fall through just like everything else does. We'll end up
at the diner for his twenty-first and he'll sit there all
night and complain to his coffee about how nobody follows
up on anything. He really is a little bitch. I have no
patience for whiners.
I'm so miserably cranky, and I was having a pretty good
day. I went to school, I went to work, I came home and ate
alot of stuff and watched Friends, and then my mom came
home. That was the end of that good mood. Anyway, I have to
go shower and get the hell out of here. It's ten-o'clock
PM, our witching hour.
"I never made it as a wise man, I couldn't cut it as a
poor man stealing, and this is how you remind me...this is
how you remind me of what I really am..." -Nickelback