taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-02-05 19:18:16 (UTC)

You can almost taste the Sincerity

I just want to share with anyone who reads this, an email
that I sent to some of my friends...

"As some of you may recall, I got one of those "No War"
petitions in my inbox so I signed it, " blah
blah (Bush is an A Hole).", and sent it out. What you may
not know, is that, in addition to sending it to you guys, I
sent it to the White House (nothing like direct democracy,
uhh, well, something along those lines) anyways, I just
want to share with all of you the rather hilarious response
I got back, not from Captain Weenie himself, but
nonetheless.......(Its under the line).


Thank you for emailing President Bush. Your ideas and
comments are very important to him.

For up-to-date information about the President and his
policies, please check the White House web site at

Unfortunately, because of the large volume of email
received, the President cannot personally respond to each
message. However, the White House staff considers and
reports citizen ideas and concerns.

Again, thank you for your email. Your interest in the work
of President Bush and his administration is appreciated.

The White House Office of E-Correspondence

My.....my ideas are important to old Bushy, well thats good
to know. Ok ok, so that may not be entirely true. But at
least he and his "administration" (aka the BRAINS behind
this opperation) appreciate my interest in his work. Hey,
maybe I'll get a Valentine's day card! Wait...no. For some
reason I don't think they are that big on the whole, love
and peace idea.

Well, I hope this brightened your day, and if not, thats a
damn shame...

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