my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-02-05 19:06:00 (UTC)

sooo out of it

ok first i am ALWAYS listening to music, so, since this
thing doesn't have that option i am going to say what i am
listening to. ok. right now... Vanessa Carlton, wanted.
thats a good song. ahh lol ok heres what i had written-
wow. today i exercised. We have this video steph bought
like. 3 years ago... or soon after we moved in here. and we
moved here when i was 12, in october. because we moved in
october and i had my 13th birthday at this house. Ok. so
this exercise video is called funky aeorbics. and it's like
super hyper. lol. not really but its definitly not the
raditional stuff. It's kinda fun. so i did it. it starts
off with this GAY warm up but it actually does warm u up so
yea then it has 3 different parts of stuff which will wear
u out lol then it cools down with yoga(its where i first
got into yoga) and dag. I am way out of shape. I used to be
able to do all those yoga things wihtout any trouble... now
i can't stretch the poses and do them fully like i use
to... and wow. if i can't do them then i KNOW im out of
shape. i mean i wasn't IN shape when i used to be able to
do them but i was a lot closer. and dag! i was fatter then
and i could do them whats with that? i want to jog every
morning. But i have no one to jog with. I would seriously
love a tredmil. cause then i could jog. by myself. lol. but
yea.. im on a serious body fixing high. Yoga. oh yea i
bough these 2 yoga videos(am and pm yoga) like. a year ago.
and did them for a while. but stoped during summer and i
did the pm one a couple of weeks ago... and those poses
were hard for me too and they were beginner! man... i can't
believe my muscles are so unstretchable now. lol. i
seriously hate it because yoga was my exercise. But while
my comp was broken, and i used dad's, i started lifting
small weights while i'd wait for everything to load up. and
doin push ups and using one of those ab roller things so
that was my exercise but it wasn't what i wanted... MAN i
REALLY wanna try to start jogging. early at like 6 am. im
seriuos if one of my friends with a car would come and jog
with me at 6 am i would be so thrilled. but how the heck is
going to get up THAT early?! The only way i would would be
is a friend made me haha. but man... i want to jog so bad.
start off walkign fast.. then start jogging and goin back
in forth. mannnn. maybe ill just start running around the
block. at night. i did that once when i was in HUGE
trouble. I didnt want to get in trouble so i ran that
doesn't make sense lol. and then there was that other
time.. oh well that has nothing to do with this. Ok. well.
i think im going to find what im goin to wear to church
tonight and then submit this entry and then ummmm do some
school lol. I have lots of homework i should do... But i
keep putting it off. well I will just do that now then!
Ok... so.. if anyone reads this. leave a comment haha even
if u dont know me. i dont care i am just so incredibly
bored and want someone to talk to. but for now.. bye.

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