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2001-09-21 01:54:51 (UTC)

a roller coaster

well last night i went out with tom. he picked me up and we
drove around for about an hour and then we went back to his
house where we played pool. lol i could hardly olay bc my
hands were shaking so bad. then we were laying on his bed
watching tv and i was dying bc i wanted him so bad but i
was feeling so shy and nothing happpened. then today
started out so good and then i was feeling paranoid bc he
wasnt really talking to me and then i waiteed for him to
call all night. so now im all ready to get offline and he
is like ok ill call u at 10. so i guess i cant be pissed bc
he isnt mad at me. im such a paranoid freak. then i was
talking to jared tonight and im totally over him and he
asked me to the pen and teller show. ugh now im confused
again. also im gonna see him at the mt dance next fri. yeah-
sigh. i feel like im on a frikin roller coaster

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