The Nightshade Princess
2001-09-21 01:46:22 (UTC)

Bizzare images once again..

Bizzare images once again flashed in my minds eye.
This morning, I laughed at them. Those deadly pictures
only fed the evil that rose within me. Sometimes I scare
myself. Honestly, I know not how much longer I can live in
this place. Father is not here. I've not been anywhere in
over week, save when my mother has mercifully rescued me,
and a single, 20-minute grocery trip to the natural food
store. He barely speaks to me, and if I try to tell him
anything of how I feel, he becomes angry. What he took
from me meant so much... everyone is on my side, even my
mother. He knew how much it meant, before he forced it out
of my hands. He was angry to see that I cried when he
stole it. Angrier still was he to see how much pain and
anger was wrought upon the faces of those around me. They
hated him for it. It wasn't worth anything to anyone but
me, but it was MINE... something I had waited, hoped, and
dreamed for for at least three years. Taken it was only on
a whim, as a way to control me.
I am not well. A sickness pervades my mind, a
horrible unease that seems to settle over all. My eyes
lose their purpose, as I can see more now. Terrible
thoughts fill my feverish brain, but a light shines through
the fog. Lestat, my soul's mate, you bring rays of black
sunshine to cut through the awful memories, aborted dreams,
and shattered glass. I love you. A wave of calm passes
through me like a breeze as I whisper these words to the
velvet night. Be mine forever, and I shall be yours.
Nothing has ever felt so right, so complete...

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