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2003-02-05 18:27:40 (UTC)

Hump Day... it doesn't matter anyways

Happy Hump Day... Wednesday.
It doesn't really matter for me though since i havent been
in school all week anyways. I was gonna go back today.. but
do you have any idea how hard it is to roll out of a deep
sleep. I've missed 5 days of school already. I think i
should have gone today... it's like one of those days that
you feel pretty guilty for missing for some reason. I've
been sitting on my room playing N64 for the time that i
have been up. Cruisin USA always is a pretty exciting
game.. until you beat it 5 times in one hour.. and you're
too lazy to pick out another game to play. I have soccer
practice later.. and i actually think i will go. I havent
decided though if i will actually do anything. It's been
about 2 days now since i've eaten something decent. I'm
thinkin before soccer.. i'll have to hit up SUBWAY.. EAT
FRESH! I am looking forward to it! I have discovered yet
another great CD... Good Charlotte.. their newest one...
it's good.. i like it anyways! You gotta download a few of
the songs from this CD. Well... i'll add some more later
about this uneventful day... b/c it seems as though N64 is
calling me again... and hey.. maybe i'll play a different
game this time.


MAN.. Im hungry!