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2003-02-05 18:10:12 (UTC)

Need Advice...

I need advice badly on a scool situation. Im going to a
math academy, and i dont wanna fail cus then ill get kicked
out and go to my towns school, which sucks, and id rather
kill myself than go there cus i hate it and all the people
thre. Im lazy, and i need motivation to work harder n study
more, but i dont know how to get that modivation. I have 2
tutores but ive only been seeing 1, which isnt good...i am
a big time procrastinator...and i have so many freinds and
great teacers and i love my school so i dont wanna
leave...my town treated me like crap in 8th grade and i
cant stand to go back, so i need advice badly. if anyone is
reading this, pls gimmie advice by emailing me at
[email protected]