All in the Night
2001-09-21 01:37:54 (UTC)

"I'm Pretty"

Lol, i dont know why i wrote "i'm pretty" as a title, b/c
i'm really not all that pretty, i think it was just this
thing that i picked up at music camp. Every morning when
my roommate and i were getting ready she would always
say "I'm pretty today" and so that was like our little
joke...it's weird how things just pop into your head like
that. Ok i know i've been asking sarah about this a lot
and that some people will have no clue what i'm tlaking
about...but have you ever been so completely confused that
you have NO CLUE as to how to start un-confusing
yourself??? That has soo been the case with me lately.
Ok, it's like at first i wanted one thing, and then i knew
that i wasn't going to get it, so i occupoed myself with
something else, and, after time, i thought that i had
started to want tthat thing, when then all of the sudden i
found out something that completely changed everything and
made me question what i really wanted in the first place.
I know that the only person who's probably following any of
this convo is Sarah, and that's a big MAYBE but anyways i
think me writing is mainly for my own well being anyways.
Wow, i came home and my parents had taken my car to have a
system put in it today...it's nice! Anyways, i guess i
need to go and find my band stuff b/c we have a game
tomorrow. I think some of us might hang out after the game
too, so that should be fun! I love my friends and i dont'
know what i'd do without them...ok before i get all sappy
or whatever, i'm gonna quit.
This is me signing out