Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-02-05 17:21:30 (UTC)

Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Man Early.

So, it happens again, right? I get up, like way early, so
I can, like, have a really nice breakfast, mushrooms with
peri-peri on the side, and a wonderful cup of coffee,
y'know, and watch, like, BBC Breakfast and a bit of,
y'know, GMTV before I go into campus.

And the 9 o'clock lecture is not at 9 o'clock, when we've
turned up (or for that matter where we've turned up) but
at 10 (elsewhere). It makes me think "Why do I bother?" I
wouldn't know if I didn't already know. Clearly.

I bother because I love having a day. Not half a day as
when you get up at midday, or 3/4 of a day if you get up
at 9, but a whole day (Not 24 hours, you have to sleep) of
life to lead, and to start it in a way that makes you
think "YES! I love this!" is a very good thing indeed.

But I've got a bit of reading to do tonight that I'd
rather not do. Still - I've got time and inclination.

Great show started on BBC2 last night. A Country Parish.
Your Grandmas might have watched it. The nicest man in the
world (and he is. If he ever read this, he is CLEARLY the
nicest man in the world. Woman? I don't know. The girl who
was doing German in the place we thought we had a lecture
was quite nice, but I'd have to plump for the lecturer who
marked my discourse analysis...anyways) is sent from a
town (big town, Nuneaton) parish to work in a tiny village
church, and we get to follow him. The scenery is amazing,
the guy is the nicest man in the world, and his life in
very interesting. I don't want it to go too religious on
me, but it was a great start.

On the subject of TV, I've started talking to people on
it. Its a bit sad, really. Its got to a point where the
people on GMTV are like a family. I've long since given up
the ghost on not chatting to Holiday presenters like Craig
Doyle and Ruth England, its awful - I feel like an old
woman when I start coversing with them - but its getting

I can only really watch things when people aren't around
any more. Ah, well. What can you do?

WILT? The Beach Boys - God Only Knows