Blood and Chocolate
2001-09-21 01:08:05 (UTC)

Hey everyone ~ Sup ?! not much..

Hey everyone ~
Sup ?! not much here! Well I skipped choir tonight ! For
two reasons one because our director broke her leg and two
casue it was canceled (sp?) ! Lol yea ! I am so glad I got
to talk to Adam tonight !!!!! :)! that made me so
happy !!!!!! Oh and cause I got to talk to Mick ! That
coffee makes you hyper ! LOL ! today it started to rain and
my teacher made us stay outside and I kept telling him I
was going to melt ! And he said why cause I am a witch and
Grant was like no silly cause she is made out of sugar and
spice and everything nice ! Yea you have to know Grant to
get it !!! I think I am going to have a party sometime
soon ! That would be fun ! Grant why don't you come ?! (LOL
Ashlie !!!!! ) Jk ! I am not going to have a party I just
wanted to incorperate that somehow ! Yea you umm have to
be in my gym class to understand ! Right Ashlie , hui and
Grant?! LOL . I am so tired cause I had my sugar rush and I
need to go to bed !!!!!!! Ahhh ! Sorry Adam I was going to
wait up for you but I have to go to bed I am so tired !!!!
Think up something to send me ! Take care of my ring !!!!!
Write in your journal and I will write you back to you !!!
Luv ya always!