Screaming Cathedrals
2001-09-21 01:07:58 (UTC)


I haven't updated this journal in a few days because I've
been away from my computer. Jon and I have really been
getting along well. His ex g/f rented him a hotel for this
week and I've stayed there a couple of nights.

We haven't had sex or anything... We have both decided not
to do something like that just yet. I mean, we both like
eachother and everything but we both also have lots of
things to work out in our heads before we can clearly think
about eachother.

Well... I need time anyway. I think Jon does too... he just
doesn't really realize it. I know he loves me to pieces,
but there's more to a relationship than that. I realize
that now.

And he and Andrea haven't been broken up that long....

Hopefully he wont be homeless much longer... there is a
housing authority not far from my house and we think he
might be able to get in there.. It's really not a bad place
and he will be able to afford it and stuff. It should
really be good for him.

Tom still hasn't emailed me or made any attempts to contact
me. I guess I was wrong about someone once again. Go
figure. I think maybe I should move to Maine with my
family. Guys in NC haven't been good for me at all so far.