so can we fuck yet?
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2003-02-05 14:05:44 (UTC)

a pile of all the filth that you created

starting up this diary, i know its total shit compared to
live journal but i need a differnt one, im still gona
update my live journal

but too many people know that address now.

went camden palace last night,
fair to say it was total shit
there wernt almost any people there, i didnt see anyone i
knew,just all round shittt

cant wait to go dome though, last time i went i got so
fucked and got hold of loads people,
i really hoipe gothic sally is there, i want to rape himmm
hes so fucking hot,
i know the men toilets upstairs are good and spacey ;)

my ex lee starting to email me,
this is a fucking long story so im gonna cut it short,

got with him last year, 8 months, broke up, i still was
fucking him, left himn completely, hee ran off to
scotland, now hes come back and is expecting that
everythings fine and he mite have a chace gettign bakc
with me,
he got so much fucking nerve, the shit he put me threw,
i wanna go round his though so i can fuck his brother,
hes so sexable, when i was with lee we use to flirt all
the time and shit,

lees being all soppy to try and get me back with him,
i fucking hate soppy,
"your the best ive ever had, everyone else is boring ,
you so wierd and i love you i did loe you, you so... "
blah blah fucking blah
if i ever see him again i will be a day to soon
artificul fuck head

okay i just saw how much i wrote, fuck me

im off

goooooooey lol
for sum reason this week i find posh peoples word higly

oh go a new tactic for dome,
last tiem we laugh at random people and asked them if they
were paul and we pull loadsa people,

aparently were strange and deluded
this week its
cant explain