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2003-02-05 11:33:13 (UTC)

6 months

Monday me and Tommy had been tougether for six whole months!
For me it all begun on Friday when I was babysitting and
Tommy came and picked me up instead of my mother who was
going to.
He said he had been shopping, and that he had brought
something now, something that could be big and was in his
appartment. He didt wanted to tell me what it was, I had to
guess but he didnt say yes or no. I would be a suprise til
I got home to his place.
Satturday morning Tommy drove me to work, he work before he
went home, he had something to do with his new thing he
Afther work I went home to Tommy and sow his new thing, it
was a home cinnema sorund ting, with means that the sound
he allready got from his former sterio (wich was verry
good) noe is even better, it was a quite expencive thing to
buy. I would never do it my self, but he looked so happy
with his new thing, so proud (its a boyt thing) so I
thought it would be good for him.
Later that night he said he had a suprise for me, a present.
He asked if I wanted it now or on Monday, and I said its up
to you, Tommy could not wait so he gave it to me right away.
It was a pourse from Christian Dior with the parfym Adore
in it, and adore showergel and bodylotion, I loved it!!

Sunday I went home afther work, and then Monday came, our
I went to school and Tommy to work as usal, then I went to
the gym and tryed to work out, but it was so hard cause i
was to exited about the day. I went in to town in stay ups
not panties, a short black mini skirt, ear rings, make up
and all those girl things you know, new underwer and stuff..
We meet in town, he was nice dressed to, we went shopping,
looking for clothes and then we went to TGI Friday`s to
eat. None of us had ever been there before to eat, it was
not a verry romantic menu, but all right, I had pasta and
chicken and he chips and chicken.
We went back on the bus, picked up some icecream for
desserert, went home to his place where 6 big read roses
was waiting for me, they were butiful. Then we had ice crem
and went to bed. He hold around me all night, I love that:-)

Love Angel