If the Truth be Told...
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2003-02-05 11:13:51 (UTC)

This is a BRAND NEW thang

Okay...where do I start? How about in the middle? I've been
away for awhile. Away from any semblance of society. Iwas
in a halfway house for federal inmates last summer until
November 2002. I met Maurice and fell in ,what I thought
was love. comes Justin Thomas Page. I know now
what it TRULY feels like to have loved a man and lost him.
This is a long story. One that I am going to tell in bits
and pieces. Through tears and laughter. I've also found
God. I see Him every time I look in the mirror. But, that's
another story. Its one that has transformed everything
within me and around me. So much to say! I'll return with
how it all is later.