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2003-02-05 09:06:32 (UTC)

My FiRsT eNtRy (:

mmk...I am 17 and I am frm Pa...people say its boring here, but isnt
it boring everywhere? everyone gets bored sometimes no matter where u
live..but anyways...Life is so shitty,my mom died when I was 8... I
have a best friend named Emily and yea she is a true friend to me,
she never once hated on me and I have known her since I was 5 years
old, how many of you people can say you have a TRUE friend? because
there are not many true people out there anymore...I am single as of
right now which sux hardcore...most guys want me for ass, I have 2
crushes.. one of them is Jerry who I have had a crush on for awhile
and he likes me too but I never see him EVER and I hardly talk to him
because hes always working and when he gets out its too late for me
to leave my house...I also like this guy named Bobby.. I have known
Bobby for a year...well..Bobby liked me that whole time but I couldnt
stand him at all, like if he looked at me I would say shyt like, stop
looking at me monkey boy, and one time I punched him in his chest
because he was annoying me... well now I see him every single weekend
because he hangs out where I do, and last Tuesday I realized I liked
him, but now he has a girlfriend, hes been with her for 6 weeks...but
he still likes me because he told me on Tuesday and on Friday I heard
him telling someone because he didnt know i was standing by him and
on Saturday someone asked him if he liked me and he said yes, I asked
him how long he liked me and he said since he met me, which was a
year ago...it really sux liking someone who is taken :( .. I dont
know why hes with that Nikki girl I could make him so much happier I
know I could, he tells me about her and her nasty little attitude I
just wanna kick her! he is so sweet to me, he holds my hand and hugs
me :( ... I guess Ill just have to wait and see what happens, but the
way I look at this is...he liked me for so long and I was a bytch to
him so maybe this is payback by me liking him and nothing will happen
and I will be hurt, like he was.. OR something will happen cuz I went
frm hating him to liking him...I hope something happens or atleast we
become good friends or something..well I think I typed enough for now!

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