this unsane world
2001-02-21 19:30:28 (UTC)

well i dont know how long it..

well i dont know how long it has been since i have talked
to d. a while i know that. i call him but he is never
there. and i guess he hasnt been online either cause he
hasnt written to me. i want to talk to him. i have some
important shit to discuss. well i talked to the landlord of
the apartment above d's house. we are suppoesed to go up
there on the 4th and walk through. the apt. needs alot of
work but when it is done it will be nice. even better cause
the man i want will be right down the stairs. i have
decided to get a tatoo. right aboue my crotch. its gonna be
a fairy. the wings will come up and wrap around my
bellybutton. its a good tat for the spot. the fairy is
naked and sitting in a revealing pose. but its awesome. i
cant wait. i want d to meet me when i get it. i want him to
be there with me. oh well i will write later.