Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
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2001-09-21 00:35:02 (UTC)

hmm...good question

It says "Title or Topic." I have no idea as of yet. I
might change it if I get that ambitious. I have a back to
back superior and a superior on its own for beam! Yay!!
And that doesn't even include any kind of tumbling. My
beam routine this year is going to be good! If I get my
handstand rolls down then I can do a no fall routine from
the start! But I have to change my down low so I can do a
toe rise. I think doing that today bruised my toes, but
I'll get used to it. I hope!
Class officer elections were today. Even if I remembered
who I voted for I wouldn't say because my mom says it's a
very private matter. Kaitlyn had who she was going to vote
for all worked out, but then other people were running that
she didn't know about. Poor girl! I know that I didn't
vote for myself though because I think it's not very...I
don't know the word...sportsmanlike? Maybe. Hmm...I dunno.
If I don't get an office, it's not a big deal. Those kind
of disappointments seem to be coming in a lot lately.
Yay! I spelled "a lot" right...Miss Kannenberg would be
proud. Hehe.
I don't think I'm going to write much more, but I do want
to say a little prayer for Sara:
I know she isn't a Catholic, but in her "prayer" before
she vaulted today when she did the Sign of the Cross, I
hope she truly was sincere even though she is technically a
non-practicing Christian. She still believes in you Dear
Lord, but doesn't know the way. Please show her your
light, like you have done for me. Amen.

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