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2003-02-05 06:43:20 (UTC)


Today i woke up not knowing who i was going to meet or what
i was going to do. So i decided to call an old friend i
talk to him for about an hour and a half. I am kinda
confused on what to do. Half of what i hear is telling me
is a nice and sweet and easy to talk to. But when i hear a
little voice in my head saying he's a bad person it makes
me think twice. I no i shouldn't believe all the bad stuff
i hear until i experience it but i cant ignore it. After
talking tohim for a while i have realized that he is the
nice and sweet person, i am kinda releived but i need to no
if it is himself or if he is putting on a face for me just
like the rest of the world does just for me. I need to no.
i believe in what he says and i believe what he does is
right. I no he will come out to be the person i want him to
be but i am afraid he is putting on a face just for me.