The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-02-05 06:28:29 (UTC)

oh shit, the cops are here

So this has been one of the most seriously fucked-up weeks
I've had recently, and I'm only two days into it.

I slept through calculus last Friday, which is resulting in
problems for me with certain integrations. We're figuring
out the amount of work (as in physics) that needs to be done
in order to pump water out of a tank with given dimensions
and a given shape. It's been awhile since I've done these,
and the textbook really sucks, so missing the class has been
causing some problems. Fortunately, I have recitation on
Wednesday, so I should be good to go after that.

I missed my CS workshop on Monday, so I had to go to today's
workshop, which ended up conflicting with training at work,
so I missed on training. There's another session tomorrow,
over the same stuff, so I should be able to get this worked
out. Nonetheless, I'm quite paranoid about it. I'm not too
worried about how the boss or the head student leader will
react, but the woman who doesn't seem to care much for me
may well see this as an opportunity to bring me down. We
shall see what happens. But I really hope I don't lose my
job; I really need an anchor of some sort.

As Brendan Behan once said, "There are few situations in
life so dismal that they can't be made worse by the arrival
of the police." Right now that's the only thing that will
really make things get any worse, hence the title.

But lets move on to happier news.

Therapy has been going well, though I've been holding back a
little; there are some things I'm not yet comfortable with
discussing, though I think it's getting there. I'm actually
looking forward to going, because it's really helping me to
get in touch with what's going on. Already I'm feeling more
able to get rid of some of the emotional baggage I've been
carrying around all these years.

At any rate, as long as I don't lose my job I think I'll be
all right. I never realized just how much counseling helps,
and I'm beginning to see that it's something I should have
done a long time ago.

This is Dave, signing off.