The land of unknown
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2001-09-21 00:30:04 (UTC)

Good Times Gone

right now i'm listening to 'Good Times Gone' by
Nickelback. they kick ass. it's interesting, cuz i was just
about to write that i miss getting emails. and i'm
listening to this song. but i do miss getting emails.
some of my friends just aren't online that often, and i
just don't hardly get emails either. it's even more
depressing when i get like 3 things of junk mail. and i
miss my talks with Kitty. for a short time we were going
almost every night having a conversation. but now i'm
lucky to get a couple in during the weekend. and i hardly
get the chance to talk to anyone else during the week. i
just miss every one right now. especially Kitty. *sigh* i
get lonely during the week. YAY!! Jenna's online!! never
mind. she's just doing homework. dammit.

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