Place To Vent
2003-02-05 06:13:49 (UTC)

2/4 Thanks to Miss M

You're post was absolutely the sweetest thing. Thanks for
brightening up my day...well it's night now but u really
made me feel better. It even brought a tear to my eye! =) I
wish you the best of luck and I hope all is going well down
under. P.S. Good hair nights...alone? Bad combination.


today wasn't to bad. this mornin in my car i so badly
wanted to talk to steph. but then again, i dunno exactly
what i would say. i mean i had a lot of things in mind but
putting it all together would have been hard. i was looking
at my prom magazin and was thinkin "gosh, i can't wait for
all of us to be there!" then i remembered how we weren't
speaking to each other and i got a little bummed out. i
mean we're supposed to all go dress shopping together, make
plans for the after partays, etc. i think we'll get through
it in the coming days. but anyway, school was kinda
boring...i was trying not to fall asleep in photo but poor
teacher was so sickly looking, i kept my head up just for
him. hehe. for lunch i went and got myself a tommy's burger
and then came home to rest for awhile. ooo it felt so good
on my couch. after i went back to school and for some
reason i had major giggles in spanish class. first thing
that made me laugh was matt. he got a srunchy and flicked
it at chris and it hit him straight in the eye. he got
pissed! i had to hold in my laughter but i looked over at
wendy and burst. lol. second thing was senor reyes going
over vocabulary. he was saying "it's like cumin" he was
talking about cumin the spice u know? and he pronounced
it "come in." the class was confused. somebody said "u mean
q-min?" i burst. i dunno why...but like i said, i had the
giggles. let's see - today i also napped, went to the
library (i'm becoming a book nerd), and watched american
idol. real world is on...oh shoot. osbournes tonight too!
aw i can't miss that! well i'll go on a little more i
guess...commercials are great. hehe. miss m reminded me
that there is definitely somewhere out there for me but in
the meantime...this one guy right now - all i really want
is a friendship. not just an aquaintanceship. if that's
even a word! but ya know...i don't wanna be a girl that he
talks to once every 2 weeks but an actual FRIEND. it never
hurts to have another one. oh well. good night everybody!
xoxo - drela