I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-02-05 05:50:18 (UTC)

Looking Back

So, I've had this diary/journal/venting page/yada maker
for over a year now. I year and 5 months I think. So I
looked back at where I was at this time last year and wow.
How far I've come. And how stupid I feel about where I
was. Everything seemed so real and meaningful and
now....there is nothing. I don't mean nothing as in I have
nothing, because there is plenty going on in my life, but
nothing as in how I thought I felt then. It's just so
strange to see yourself as immature and.....well, pathetic
is the only other word I have for it. I suppose we all
have to feel that from time to time, to keep us moving
forward. I'm just trying not to go any farther back.

Let's see....I should be doing my taxes and finishing up
my math homework, but I'm not. It's quarter to 1 in the
morning and I've been sitting here for about an hour.
Lovely. I should shower as well. Maybe that's what I'll
do...go shower and then come back. I was productive and
made myself lunch for tomorrow. Because I have a dollar
until next payday. Yup. Uno dollores. Thrilling.

OH! So, my mom is driving all over creation doing testing
of school age children (4th, 8th, and 12th graders) for
the federal government. It has to do with the No Child
Left Behind Policy and so forth. One of our cars had a
radio that didn't work, and she cannot stand to be in a
car by herself and not have a radio. She's an NPR fanatic
and can't live without. So, she put a really nice radio in
the car with the broken radio. Which happens to be the one
that I drive mostly because she had to have the other one
with a radio. But the one that I drive is a little more
reliable on long trips so she'll be taking that one. It's
been really nice listening to John Mayer CDs while I'm
driving around town. I like 'em.

I think I have a cavity. Ewww. And for some reason I can't
get the new Missy Elliott song out of my head. "Izzy
nizzer rizzo hea'" or whatever they say. I have no idea.
And scary. How did I go from John Mayer to Missy Elliott?
Maybe I'm growing as a person.

Time to be clean.