What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-09-21 00:06:06 (UTC)

i think i'm going crazy..

i really think i'm going crazy. i don't know why exactly.
just..erm..a gut feeling, or something.

on the other hand, maybe being crazy is good? i need a
shrink or someone to talk to that doesn't charge money.
like...i don't know..someone.

*sighs* so things are really confusing with "taylor"
lately. i've been getting completely mixed signals. see, if
i knew he read this, then i could tell if he was trying to
tell me something or not. but..god...i don't know. maybe
i'm just misreading everything. someone, please, just let
me know!!

*down on knees* don't cry for me argentina...erm..yeah, i
saw evita on tuesday. good show. *nods* really good.

and yesterday the town like, flooded. and i was so looking
forward to going to school *laughs* need someone to listen to me
RL, because this diary isn't doing my inner torment justice.

so i'll end this short entry with the quote from my velcro

"never was a cornflake girl"