The Basement
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2003-02-05 04:55:37 (UTC)

Endless Kaleidoscope, Array Of Dreams And Hopes...

music: Babyface - Nobody Knows It But Me

i pretended i'm glad you went away
these four walls closing more every day
and i'm dyin' inside
and nobody knows it but me
like a clown i put on a show
the pain is real even if nobody knows
and i'm cryin' inside
and nobody knows it but me

why didn't i say
the things i needed to say
how could i let my angel get away
now my world is just tumbling down
i can say it so clearly
but you're nowhere around

the nights are lonely
the days are so sad
and i just keep thinkin' about the love that we had
and i'm missing you
and nobody knows it but me

i carry a smile
when i'm broken in two
and i'm nobody without someone like you
i'm tremblin' inside
and nobody knows it but me
i ly awake it's a quarter past three
i'm screamin' at night if i thought you'd hear me
yeah my heart is callin' you
and nobody knows it but me

how blue can i get
you could ask my heart
but like a jig-saw puzzle
it's been torn all apart
a million words couldn't say
just how i feel
a million years from now
you know i'll be loving you still

chorus x1

tomorrow morning
i'm hittin' the dusty road
gonna find you wherever, ever you might go
and i'm gonna unload my heart
and hope you come back to me
said when the nights are lonely...

Kelsy is still missing. My new classes are okay although
the books are a bitch to carry around since the seniors
gets choice of lockers and then juniors so that leaves shit
for the freshys. grrrrr.
I'm currently really pissed off for some reason. i HATE
everyone right now. u too.
My life sux so badly. I need something new. SOMEONE new.
Tolo is still the main annoying topic of every conversation
right now. I'm sick of it.
which reminds me... i have drug counseling tommorrow
morning at normal counseling in the afternoon. DAMN.IT.
oh well...atleast i'll get to miss a few hours of class.
The teachers are sadistic. My Algebra teacher speaks in a
monotone. its bothering the fuck out of me...i think i'll
shove one of those rulers he loves up his ass if he talks
about it one more time in class.
leaving. bai.