2001-09-20 23:44:43 (UTC)

Its almost the weekend.

I'm so tired. I felt like I was gonna fall asleep the
WHOLE day. I seriously need to catch up on sleep.
Anyways, I cleaned out my car today...well, sorta. All the
crap that I can carry to the trash can was dumped. I need
only to vacuum the inside, and wash the bird crap off my
car. Woo. Right, anyhow, I failed a nice ol' Cisco test,
due to the fact that I did not study at all, or read the
material for that matter. It's all good, I can make it
up. Right, anyhow, school was boring and not interesting,
as usual. I didn't see Kat today, which is rather sad. I
did see Jess however, and we discussed our awesome MA test
grades. woo. So yeah, I also filled my car's windshield
wiper fluid up, so I feel all mechanic-like. Stellar.
Anyways, I'm heading off to take a nap, I will write
another journal later tonight, since I promised to write a
super long one about Kat. Oh, spanish was fun today. Mr.
Imbilli danced and sang, it was sooo hilarious, I couldn't
stop laughing. Ahh, fond memories.

Cool is overused, trite, and hackneyed. It has lost all
meaning. It is now a word, something you say in response
to something somebody says. Usually something you don't
care about, so you say "cool." Help rid of this word.
Instead, use awesome, rad, mondo, wicked, bodacious,
tender, and/or my favorite: stellar. There are many
adjectives besides cool. Use one. Thank you for your time
and patience. Use represent too. It's a good
word. "Claim" it by saying it. This concludes journal
five of shawn's online journal.