2001-09-20 23:32:55 (UTC)

another day

Well another day has come to pass, but the best thing is
its a thursday, and to most college students this a
wonderful day! well today has been great i did something
with my self and got many of complements! how about those
apples? lets see talk to my dad and told him i missed him
then he accused me of not doing my homework and partying to
much. the funny thing is he is not here to know this so
fuck him! anyways alls well with my boys on the 2nd floor
in merrill hall! and the boys of 1024 are staying sweet!
well not much to sy now i will probly add more later after
the nights over! peace for now my homies!
song of the day:alkaline trio "Radio" this song may scare
you but it has a good beat!
Mood as of now: Happy but still confused!