i guess this life
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2001-09-20 23:23:19 (UTC)

maynard james keenan's words to me

i was just listeing to tool, and i kinda zoned out....and i
felt really wierd...and i was in that mid-sleep thing. but
yea, it felt like maynard from tool was actually talkn to
me....heather told me she would call me tonight, im sure if
mari just read that she's prolly gonna be pissed. but i
dont think she will care. cuz i'm pretty sure, i will never
win her sucks, cuz im slowly realizing what
happened. and its just the little thinngs i miss...hmmm..if
mari doesnt call me tonight i ll be like....=( but who
knows. and tommorow before i go to school, i dont know if i
should get online or not, i have every morning this year,
so i could talk to mari.....grrrrr....i want to fix
things..but for some odd reason i can't. i just wish i knew
y. cuz then maybe everything will make a lil more sense to me crazy, but the only thing i havee been talkn
to today was this lil stuffed animal monkey, god im such a
loser.... oh feels like i just through out my
whole summer...i told mari things that i ddnt keep true.
thats what sucks..who knows...maybe there is a future for
me and her.
ok and now for thebig homecoming situation....I DONT
yesterday after we broke up, mari asked me to still go to
her HC. and i think i will do least we could
share one more night'll prolly be the last
time i hold her close.....and that hurts to think about.