2003-02-05 03:30:52 (UTC)


On December 26, 2002 I made a bet with one of my friends.
The bet was to see who could go the longest without having
sex or oral sex ( give or take ). The loser of the bet,
the person who gave in first would owe the other person
$100.00. Which may not seem like a lot, but for college
students one being poor as hell ( myself ) its a lot of
money. But the bet isnt about the money, its for me to
refine the real things in life like a real relationship,
not to just fill it up with lust and sex then just be
screwed over in the end when the communication runs out.
Communication which is what I know that I need in a
relationship. When everyone started hearing about the bet
and finding out what it was decided that I would lose, no
one thought I would win. Especially because I had an
interest in a guy and everyone knew we would hook up,
which we did. I told this guy before we became an item
about the bet and he seemed to be one of the few who
wanted me to win the bet. Although most think the bet is
stupid, I dont. And I refuse to lose. Not because of the
money but because I want to do it for myself, to prove
everyone wrong. As of now my b/f wants to pay my friend,
not because he wants to "get some" but because he knows
how much it means to me to prove everyone else wrong.