Heather M

Days,of my so called Life
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2003-02-05 03:20:55 (UTC)

~*Snow Day*~

Well today, i wanted a snow day soooo bad. Just so i can
enjoy the pure essence of sleeping in. It didn't help much
that i went to bed late last night. But latley i just
cannot fall asleep..i think too much. So today dragged on
for what seemed like eternity. I got grouned so that didn't
help much. After School i waited with my friends, and
talked, until they had to go to driver's ed, just being a
nice friend, and then i call my mom. and She started
bitching at me about not calling sooner, she thought i got
into a car accident or something. Im like no, im pretty
much alive...
My grades are freakin awesome this year. The classes i have
are easy, for the most part. Proud....very proud..lol!
I hate it when, you get over someone, or just finally over
that little bump in the road, and then everytime you are
with different ppl, you have different emotions about them.
LIke I will be talking to one guy, and then in the back of
my mind, it's like, oh they are nice, sweet, and what not,
go out with them, and then the other side is saying, YOU
being me, they may seem piddly to some, but for me, i just
have too much piled onto one platter..it's not only guy
problems, but i know i constantly complain about. I can't
help it. It's part of being a girl i guess, or just being
me. I hate boys, they should all go to boot camp, and grow
up! I don't want to date someone who is like 18 or 19, and
then again, that's the age group that i more fit into when
it comes to maturity. My dad said, well if they aren't scum
bag, then age doesn't matter....which is awesome...but
there will be no guy that age, that would want to take a
chance...because they would think im too young...or what
not...and it's just like...ahh that doesn't matter, i have
too much on the inside to waste on some little scrawny
freshman boys..!
Anyway,im tired, so very tired, finally getting over my
illness! thank god and goddess.....
Speaking which, i pray to god AND goddess for a snow
*that's allllllllllll she wrote*