The Sexy Blonde
2001-09-20 23:16:18 (UTC)

Thursday 9-20-01

Dear Readers,

Horrible news. I cried in 3rd period today. They
announced the winners for Duchess, and I was ....not one of
them. People were telling me they were sorry, because they
thought I was really going to be one of the five girls.

I thought that was terrible. I really thought, I
was going to win. I was hoping and praying for it. I guess
I got my hopes up to high.

Today I wore black Tommy Hilfiger silky pants, and a
tight red silky shirt with a collar, with deep v-neck,
(cleavage baby), and some white Fila shoes. With my gold
bracelet, gold earrings, gold rings, and my silver
neckalace. I had on red eyeshadow, and black eyeliner above
and under my eyes, plus I traced my lips with light brown
lip liner, and lip gloss, perfect as always. Well, I am
kinda bored.

I just bought some new deodorant, it smells so fresh
and clean. I really need to clean my bedroom from side to
side top to bottom.

Got to go, thanx for reading my diary.