canada VS america
2001-09-20 23:04:55 (UTC)

Why do i do this to myself

Well i dont know even where to start this im in total love
with a guy from canada and im in america.*and dont tell me
its not love because i know now after being divoriced* well
ill just say i met Ken on the internet and went all the way
to Detroit to meet him and from that day onward he is all i
think about (day in and day out) We recently got back in
touch with each other after some falling out issues, and he
told me he loved me *god i love when he does that* i get
this big lump in my throat when he tells me that or when he
gets all "mushy" *althought he hates to admit it he does* i
know this is the man that i want to be with forever and OMG
you ppl if you knew what he looks like you would die, ok
well i can help you if you all watch tv and im sure you
have seen Russell Crowe well *ken* is the identical twin to
him OMFG its so true!!!!!!!! *Ken* and i are planning on
living together sometime in the future, the problem is
the "future" seems to be taken forever. But its like he is
all i ever think about no one knows for real how i feel
about him i mean all my friends know how much i am into him
and shit but there are a few that are very optamistic about
the whole thing. but fuck em who are they to judge my
feeling i mean for real i dont sit there and tell them its
wrong to have the feeling that they do. There is one
problem and that would be my x-husband what a fuckin dick i
mean for real i have never hated someone as much as i hate
him its not like he has any control over me right now
because he doesnt but none the less i wish he would just
stay the hell out of my life and move on. i mean dont get
me wrong he has moved on in the sence of "gettin laied" and
shit but its like get over it already its done LOL and that
makes me happier then hell. Any way back to ken i love him
and i want the whole world to know that i do so I guess
this "diary" is my way of going about it so until next time
i guess that is all i have to say for now take care all and
God bless america and canada of course:)