down in my eyes
2003-02-05 03:07:55 (UTC)

The responsibility's yours.

Sure, call me a bitch, cause i say what i mean & I mean
what i say? 'N because i know what's real or not? &
Okay, call me pyscho, cause I care about you? No, i'm
not trying to, & i won't pull any magical spells on you.

Live it for yourself. You are not real anymore, no
matter what you say. I'm tired of all these empty
words, 'n situations, that mean nothing, in the end.
It just goes on, again & again. & now, i'm left, with
Nothing to do or say. By now, it's too late to say
you're sorry. 'n I'm sorry that you're not, & that you
don't care. But in the end, it doesn't even matter,

Actually, come to think of it,... I Am sorta pretty
psycho-gay, for caring about you, weirdo, aren't I?
Maybe it's cause you made me happy, but now everything
that has to do with you, hurts me. I don't think i'll
ever understand it, Nor will you. But, It's already
messed up. like you said. It Sucks. & you know
it. "I" know.

You Know I care. but, Vent what you may need to vent.
Or let her say what she may say. I don't care about
this, anymore. & I know it's okay to cry, 'cos i'm
hurt from Everything that has to do with you. Is it
just so you'll feel like a good boyfriend for breaking
a heart that's not hers? So she can feel like a good
girlfriend that claims her territory?

I have noothing else to say