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Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
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2001-09-20 23:02:54 (UTC)


I saw Matt today! YAY FOR ME! God he is freaking sexy as
hell!!! =) We have our own fun... and I know you know what
I mean!

If not then how about I tell ya! I got to see his sexy
ass... to feel it tighten when I run my ass around it. hehe
He shivers when I do that LOL. I grab his hard and stiff
cock, throbbing all the while...waiting for me to put it
into my mouth! GOD HE TASTES SO GOOD! YUMMY! hehe I sucked
that boy good. I even was nice and did it twice =) I LOVE
it when he pulls down his pants and his cock is sticking
out waiting for me to suck it good! I love licking his hard
prick member up and down. Mmmmmm Sucking it hard is just so
good! YUMMY! hehe God deep throating him is so good
feeling. He groans so LOUDLY when I do that. I just KNOW he
fucking LOVES it! hehe. =) I have such a HUGE oral
fixation! So glad that I can suck him when I need too!

But other wise today was the SLOWEST day. I swear! My
classes all moved by pretty slowly, but its all good cause
I still had FUN! lol No matter how the day goes I pretty
much always have fun! LOL =)

Today was CRAZY HAIR DAY! at school.

Tomorrow is:
Orange and blue well as...
Red, White, and Blue
Hat Day

Nothing big to say...

See ya!


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