BlAcK hEaRt BlAcK nAiLs

My TrIp To HeLl AnD bAcK
2003-02-05 02:55:11 (UTC)

rotten truth

john was never in texas. two of my best friends lied to me
and said he was. but i cant blame them. they couldnt let
me know where he really was. last time he was in south
oaks i went psycho. i love them so much no matter wut. at
least sum1 told told me. nicoles been telling me a lot
lately, and im really happy.. cuz shes a great person no
matter wut people say. wow.. i feel so corney.

but talking to her has also made me figure this out: i
dont really love him like i thought i did. hes my brother.
a person that will keep teaching me things in life.. and
will keep giving me faith like he has been. nothing
could ever affect how i feel about him and keep me from caring. i'll
always be here for him when he needs my bad advice. maybe the
family love is stronger than love love anyways.