.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-09-20 22:49:54 (UTC)

a single tear falls.

fuck this, fuck emily cause shes a sell out, fuck kristina
for tryin to guilt me into goin to Homecomming, cause im
not fuckin goin, and if the sole reason that i dont go is
cause emily and alyssa suck and the rest, joe and all are
goin fine then, since when do WE go to homecomming, god,
fuck that shit. fuck diying in school today because our
rules are stupid and if i was allowed, i wouldve walked out
dozens of times, thats how sick i was, fuck remembering my
birhtday and how much that sucked, and so much other shit,
of man. so much pent up anger, so little will to express it.

other things...

i think its cool about christine and that thing she told me
today, im happy for her that she took control of her

will is a nice boy, i like that we hang, and that he drives
and he doesnt mind and bitch when he gives us rides. i
think hes too mean to his sis though seriously.

herb's a weird guy, maybe its cause i say dumb things to
him, so yeah.

its raining, i always used to love the rain.

all day i wished to be home and now that im home i feel