i guess this life
2001-09-20 22:44:03 (UTC)

could things get any worse?

ok, im cleaning my room when all of a sudden i stumble
across the lil bottle of perfume mari left at my
house...and the smell of her just but me in a wierd mood, i
was like, oh god, hear i go, so then as stupid as i am i
put on a cd by dashboard confessional... i broke
down....not good. i cant just...i dont know what to say.
im just fucked in the head...tommorow, im going to a
football heather will be there. mari totally
dislikes her. and im scared mari will do something or say
something to heather that will piss me off, cuz i dot want
to be mad at mari, and the fact that i will be high as
hell, and seeing mari again..will basically tear me apart.
i dunno. i just need some one to talk to