Laura's need to rant and chat
2003-02-05 02:27:17 (UTC)

new job, same crap

I do (sort of) like the new job, one of the girls who work
there is a complete dingbat. She's crazy. Every time she
opens her mouth she talks about sex and guys and shit. I
am so ugh... over her... However, there is a great guy
who works there, who could maybe become a good friend.

Oh well, work is tough, not really, just borning since it's
very slow. However, when I do work with the guy (Shane)
he's fun, and we went and got some Crappy as Shit Waffle
House, the only problem is the food made me so sick.... oh

Oh, Anna told me she's fine. She never said she wasn't
pregnant, but she said she was fine. Plus, she lied three
times I can count while we were on the phone today. What a
moron. Oh well, I don't talk to her any more and I don't
go see her, so I don't have to worry about her dramas.

Life goes on....