The land of unknown
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2001-09-20 22:39:10 (UTC)

Into The Darkness

well, i finally figured out how my damn cd burner works.
the pc has 2 programs that'll burn cds, but one of them
was slow and complicated and i never had much luck
with it. but i made my first Violent Release Of Anger cd. i
just need to make the cover and all that stuff. i also
made a black matel compilation cd.it has a variety of
black metal bands. Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Old
Mans Child, of course Cradle of Filth. got lots of bands
on there. and i named it 'Into The Darkness'. real cool,
huh? soon i will put together the mp3s for Violent
Release Of Anger vol. 2. it'll probably have once again,
Machine Head, Fear Factory, Coal Chamber,
Spineshank, Slipknot, and Skinlab, and it'll have some
new artists. DKL and Stuck Mojo most likely wont be on
this one. i'm not real sure right now on the songs.
probably later i will. and i found this wierd video of DBZ.
it was a short 2:00 video of footage put together like a
music video for Fear Factory's Edgecrusher. it's
basically a music video for that song and the video is of
DBZ. kinda cool. but real low quality. but still cool.