more human than human
2003-02-05 02:21:46 (UTC)

Life, until now.....

Its been a while, perhaps too long since I'vewritten here,
but there really isn't anything I can do about that
besides catch you up on everything.

That last poem I wrote....wait, maybe I should back up a
bit more. I got back from Tennessee, and then Travis and I
broke up. He was shit anyways. After that, I tried dating
a girl, which exploded for more reasons than I care to
explain. So I ended up at my sister's party, curled up on
a couch with a guy named Scott. We spent the night on that
couch, strangely my sister never made us split up. He then
stayed for my party the next night. We went on seeing
eachother and hanging out for a week or two before we
officially started dating. Here we are, nearly four months
later. We play guitar together, share interests in music,
movies, and some television shows. Honestly, probably one
of the sweetest guys I've known, and THE sweetest that
I've ever dated. I get back/foot rubs nearly every day, he
always meets me in the hall between classes, insists on
buying me lunch fairly frequently (again, almost every
day, apparently I'm supposed to eat on a regular basis)
and has surprised me on a few occasions with roses. This
is the guy that last poem was written about. I gave him a
copy of it - he's kept it, along with some other things
from me, in his wallet. He even kept the card from a rose
I bought for him on the day of his first gig in his
wallet. Granted he has his flaws; like taking the
occasional joke too far, or saying that Rachel Leigh Cook
is more attractive than me (well, at least he was being
honest) but these flaws are easily over looked when you
see everything else.

But that isn't the only thing that has occured is the past
few months; my dad has gotten engaged. We are all oging to
be moving in together by the end of the summer. Ofcourse,
my mom is being all insecure about the whole thing, but
it's to the point that I don't give a damn. She even said
that Barb was my mom now - I bitched at her for it. She's
being absolutely ridiculous about it. You'd think she
would have gotten over my dad before marrying Lee;
apparently not.

Mandy had her baby; a little girl. I was in the delivery
room, which was quite the experience. She was in labour
for 36 hours, and Ayla was 8 lbs 12 oz. Fun fun.

Other than all of that, not much has occured. Grad is
apparoaching quickly; I've been filling out college
applications, nervous as all hell.