Sarah's Journal
2001-09-20 22:38:43 (UTC)

Just to let you all know My..

Just to let you all know

My proposed schedule:
2-3:15: Class (rock and roll)
3:30-4:45: nap?? possibly. If not, I think I'll read some
of Shoeless Joe
5:10-6:25: Class (music history and literature)
6:40-7:10: dinner? I guess . . .
7:20-7:50: Study for Math for Early Teachers test with Missy
8:00-9:00: kickboxing
9:00-9:30: shower
9:30-10:00: study some more
10-??: chill out and watch a movie? probably
??: sleep!!!!!!!!

How it's worked out so far
2-3:15: yes, I went to class, and we did NOT have a test -
it's NEXT thursday
3:30-4:45: I napped
5:10-6:25: still napping . . . yeah, see how I was supposed
to be in class then? right . . .
6:40-7:10: Dinner should still be feasible
7:20-7:50: no studying, cuz I don't have to cuz I realized
I have 4 hours of free tiem tomorrow before my test
8-9: we'll see if I go to kickboxing . . . right now I'm
exhausted, but I also woke up just recently
the rest of the night? SHOWER and RELAXATION

it's time for crappy YSU food now . . . tink hapy thots for
me =)