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2003-02-05 01:52:59 (UTC)

Welcome back to my realm...

Hey! I havent updated this beast since June! It was rather
enlightening to read those summer entries and reminisce.
The memories.. wow. It's February now. Now, what i've
always wondered is why there is that first 'r'
in 'February'... cause no one pronounces it anyways.. and
if you do.. it sounds kinda funny. I dunno.. maybe it's
just me. A lot has happened since i last updated.. but
there is no need to really share any of it. Here i still
stand glorious with my gals... T dawg, Ta Nuch, and Calley,
all still standing proudly in Subway and remembering
Walmart. We have had another Walmart excursion since our
experience on the last day of school last school year.
We'll keep that on the DL though. The yellow tiburon has
risen. RIP. Yeah.. i banged it up a little.. well.. ok..
maybe a lot.. but eh.. what can ya do.. snow sucks! I'm
currently in search of a job so that i can support my
driving habit once more (though im not really involved in
my searching... i find sitting on my ass more amusing.. and
i can always drive my parents vehicles). If you're also
looking for a job.. let me make a slight recommendation...
Toys R Us = Job From Hell. Anyways... this should be fun if
i update often. Cup has started yet again. Another fun
filled year ahead with the ghettoness of Latrobe.. Sacca
and Snives, Mixed with a little gateway ghettoness... Izzy,
Conelly, Whit, and everyone else.. cause there's a bunch of
yall. It's kinda sad since most of my buddies from cup are
seniors and this will be their last year, but it shall make
for a good season. I am a bit disappointed though that i am
the only one representin from the ville. I'll miss the
rides with Schultzie with our nice little conversations
about our many men. I'll miss the other 3 as well. Oh well.
I just got my report card today. It feels good to know that
i'm atleast half way through the school year! I was a
little disappointed though in my grades. This kinda scares
me.. the thought that i am becoming an over achiever. I got
6 A's, 1 B.. but im really mad about that B. It was a
91.35%.. and the teacher wouldnt round it up or let me do
anything for extra credit. Let me explain my theory here...
91.35%... the 5 makes the 3 round up to a 4.. which means
my grade is a 91.4%. All i needed was .05 of a percent to
get an A (i think lol). That would have made my grade a
91.45%.. which would have rounded up to a 91.5%.. which
would have ultimately rounded up to a 92%. Oh well.. it's
overwith and done for.. so i'll stop my complaining.
Atleast i got Highest honors. But damn .. 5 hundreths of a
percent away from straight A's.. you cant help but think
about how badly that blows. Screw it. I'm also upset with
the school and the state about having to take stupid PSSA
tests. We have them the week of valentines day... i'm just
like.. oh PSSA's!! THANKS!!! I LOVE YOU TOO!! This is just
turning out to be like last year where im already so sick
of school and stressed out. Damnit.. i can't wait til


Im really drugged right now :P hehe

Uh.. school blows.