BlAcK hEaRt BlAcK nAiLs

My TrIp To HeLl AnD bAcK
2003-02-05 01:35:29 (UTC)

ALRIGHT--stress releiver lol

lol.. wow.. me ands ashley are being confusing. ashley
told danielle that shaun likes her.. and she dont like
shaun.. and shes just using him to get w/ jon seymore w/
glasses lol. and ashley told zack she likes him. and i
told shaun i like him. and i told zack i dont like him
anymore cuz he wont go out w. ashley. lol.. this convo is
IMABUM522: im mad at you
Zthug101: y?
Zthug101: wut did i do?
IMABUM522: you wont go out w/ ashley
Zthug101: u want me too
IMABUM522: now when she goes home some poor lil pillow
will be beat and go to bed without dinner
IMABUM522: yes
Zthug101: fine i will
IMABUM522: fine

lol.. and shaun sent ashley the convo w/ me and him.. only
he left out some parts where he was being nice to me.. so
now ashleys mad at him. so i taught her my moms stress
releiver lol.

zack said to ashley "we're going out now" then i yelled at
him for cheating on me. i have just came to the conclusion
that im a bitch.